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Infra Tech Forensics
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Independent forensics consultancy Infra Tech Forensics was established in July 2008 to provide expertise and advice for law enforcement and the legal profession relating to:

The Infra Tech Forensics experts have worked on many high profile cases and have given expert evidence at the Central Criminal Court, the Royal Courts of Justice and at Crown and Magistrates Courts both in the UK & abroad.

Audio Forensics expert Chris Mills has worked in the UK for both Police and Defence Lawyers and directly for the USA Government’s office of Special Counsel as well as the UK Attorney General, The Australian High Court and in other jurisdictions.

Video Forensics expert Mark Buxton has provided expertise in terrorism, murder and other serious offence cases for the police, defence and other agencies.

Chris Mills & Mark Buxton both act as Single Joint Expert Witnesses in civil cases.

With over 40 years experience and professional expertise in audio and video, Infra Tech Forensics as independent advisor to the National Crime Agency.

Infra-Tech, Audio Forensics Recommended by the National Policing Improvement Agency

Cheshire Constabulary
Devon & Cornwall Police
Durham Constabulary
Essex Police
Greater Manchester
Hertfordshire Police
Kent Police
Lothian & Borders Police
Merseyside Police
Metropolitan Police
Norfolk Constabulary
Northumbria Police
North Yorkshire Police
Police Service of
Northern Ireland
South Yorkshire Police
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Suffolk Constabulary
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Wiltshire Constabulary

Infra-Tech, video forensics
Infra-Tech, video forensics

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