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So the UK supposedly has the the most CCTV in the World. A crime has been committed, with several parts of the incident captured by a number of different CCTV systems. But what are you going to do with all this information? Have you been able to investigate thoroughly what the CCTV shows? Then how are you going to present the visual evidence in Court? Has the best evidence been disclosed to the Defence or might something be missing?

Often the first stage of CCTV processing is carried out poorly, resulting in reduced quality images in the working copy. Police investigators will often see the true quality of the images for the first time when they examine the original format disk here in the Lab. Infra-Tech recommends that Home Office guidance is followed and that working copies in the "native format" are produced before the original is placed in storage. By native format we mean what comes out of the CCTV system.

Then you become the movie director, remembering that you'll have about 10 minutes to grab the jury's attention, show them a CCTV version of events and do it in a manner whereby they understand it, can remember it and can finally go away to deliberate on what they've seen. This is where clear and concise video editing comes in. Also digital video effects such as slow motion, image enhancement and motion video enlargement may be applied. Subjects may be highlighted to help the viewer to follow their movements, whilst other peoples' faces may be masked.

Image analysis services include Facial Mapping, clothing comparisons, weapon analysis and vehicle identification. Our preferred method of height analysis is Reverse Projection Photogrammetry, where a site survey is carried out using a measuring or surveyor's pole.


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